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Bookingterms and -conditions Print E-mail

In confirmation of your reservation, you accept the terms and conditions that are part and binding on all persons who use the villa during the rental period.

The booking of the villa is final when the down-payment of the rent on our account is credited. You’ll get a confirmation by e-mail.
The undersigned boeker is responsible for the remaining rent to be paid, except for cancellation up to 6 weeks before arrival. Cancellation see under heading 'cancellation-cost'.
Advance payment of 20% of the rental fee must be paid no later than 7 days after booking confirmation. Remainder payment of the rent, cleaning, security deposit and evt. costs for pool / jacuzzi-heating, to be paid no later than 6 weeks in advance. 

Booking cancellations: 
If the booker want to cancel the booking, this should be done by e-mail  or by letter (registered). If this happens to 10 weeks before arrival, the deposit refunded minus $ 80, - / € 50, - administrative costs. Later than 10 weeks prior arrival, the cancellation-cost count. 
If cancelled up to 6 weeks before arrival: 20% of the total rent.
If cancelled up to 30 days prior to arrival: 30% of the total rent.
If cancelled up to 10 days prior to arrival: 90% of the total rent.
If cancelled within 10 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total rent.

Security Deposit:
When using the villa to undertake to pay all damages to the villa and/or associated inventory and garden. This will be deducted from the deposit (if coverage of damage-security is not enough) and the remainder will be returned after inspection of the villa (within 1 month after departure). When damage exceeds the deposit (and the damage-security) you will get the remaining amount of an invoice. This must be done within 8 days to be paid.
Also exceptionally electricity consumption (For example: leaving external doors open with air conditioning on, etc.), this will be charged.

The owner of the villa and its management has never been liable for damage to any person, personal property, accidents, loss and/or death, etc. The use of the villa and utensils including pool/jacuzzi is at your own risk. Children should always be supervised by adults when they use the pool.
Glasses of glass are not allowed on the swimmingpooldeck, using the plastic glasses.
The owner and its management can never be held liable for any damage or theft. Even if flights were delayed or canceled, you have no right to restitution of the progress made days.

All guests who stay in the villa are responsible and are considered neatly to deal with all our property (villa, inventory and environs). At the end of the rental period you left behind everything neat and clean in/on the villa. It will be controled by the management.

Minimum age of booker:
Anyone staying in the villa (up to 10 people) should be on the list of the booking, even children and infants. This is the law of Florida and should be respected. The accommodations may not be sub-let, shared and only used by persons engaged in the bookingslist. Animals are not allowed in the villa. It is not allowed to rent accommodation by persons under 21 years unless in the company of parents/ adults. The initial-booker should be not less than 21 years.
The villa has a permit for short-term rental. The owners and/or management agency might refuse access if these conditions are not fulfilled, without refund of the rental fee.

Arrival and Departure:
The villa is available on the 1st rental-day starting at 4:00 pm And must be vacated by 11:00 hours (am) on the last rental-day.

For the safety and comfort of all our guests and the preservation of accommodation smoking is not allowed in the villa. Smoking in the villa are being charged $ 300, -, it will be deducted from your security-deposit if you receive an invoice of this.

Code of conduct:
There should be no concern nuisance for other holidaymakers and residents of the park. Hard music, sound or what else can deliver nuisance for the area is not allowed between 22:00 pm (pm.) and 8.00 pm (Am). Everyone in the villa should be neatly and good behavior and no inconvenience, injury, danger, etc. experience for others and others' property in the area.
The owners and/or management have the right, if they consider whats above, to determine and discontinue the rent and stay and remove all persons out of the residence immediately, without refund of the rental fee. All Cost, which could be a result of this, to the tenant will not be reimbursed or compensation be paid by owners and/or management.

Precondition of this entry is that all people who use the villa, are insured by a travel insurance (against medical expenses, baggage and personal property) for the USA.
Damage-insurance for the villa is obligatory. This do you have to pay in the office where you get the key of the villa. Costs $ 69,- for covering damages untill $ 3.000,-.

Force majeure:
In circumstances (possibly beyond the blame to the owners and/or management), making the accommodation (temporarily) is not available to your booking (for example: by destruction, serious damage to the villa or by transfer of ownership, etc.) is majeure. In the event of force majeure, the owners and/or management will do their best to another (similar) to be able to offer an alternative if it is possible. If this is not possible or alternatives are not accepted by you, all paid amounts that you paid to us, will be repaid. Other costs will not be reimbursed by the owners and/or management.

The owners and/or management shall be allowed access to the accommodation at any reasonable time during your stay. This will only be done in exceptional cases, such as a much needed repair, etc. You will be informed about this in advance.

If you have a problem with/in our villa of its facilities, give a message as soon as possible to the management agency (see map in the villa). Then they can check and try to solve. If you are still dissatisfied, send the complaint to the management and/or the owners within 14 days of departure. Send at all times a copy of this to us.
Give your complaint/problem-message , during your stay, to the management agency, so that they have the chance to look after the problem. If reporting your complaint/problem after your departure from the accommodation, we can not solve this problem during your trip so that you still benefit from it.